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Murat Bektaş

Buray Nazım Kök
Teija Lindholm

The UICB executive committee ( Markku Salmi, Jorn Vibe Andearsan, Rudolf Bohm, Johan Vyncke, and Barış Onay under the chairmanship of Ms. Gunnel Adlercreutz) evaluated designs submitted to the UICB Logo Competition. After successive deliberations, the design submitted by Murat Bektaş was chosen to be the new logo of the UICB and awarded with the 1st prize.

With respect to the qualities which affected their choice, the jury members predominantly focused on the notions of continuation with and rupture from the past. The existing logo was considered to be a reminder of bar-code technology, while the new logo of Bektaş indicated references to the dot-com-technology, thus signified a novel and modern view of UICB. Moreover some jury members alternatively read the graphics as the rising sun behind the building which is a symbol of a bright future combined with a true environmental concern. All jury members agreed in the simple aesthetics and graphically forcefulness of the new logo.


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