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this is international logo competition, deadline : August 1st, 2008

logo requirements :
- Logo designs must be original work of the submitter.

- Logo designs must be unpublished before and don’t violate any copyright.

- Logo designs should be convenient to use on colorful and monochrome materials,

- Logo designs should be identifiable, perceptible.

- Logo designs must include “UICB” abbreviation and the basic “home” image used by UICB. (Submitters can download the logo image via uicb web site).

- Logo designs can be three-dimensional.

- Logo designs must be in JPEG, PNG or TIF format within 2000 x 2000 pixels. (Designs with larger pixels will be required from finalists.)

- It should be considered that the logo will be used on the all kinds of documents and applied on a variety of materials (paper, cloth, vinyl, metal, wood, etc.) and also be used on the Internet.

for further information uicb.org


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